Jump Lists

I just upgraded to 3.2.1 on Windows 10 after using version two for so long.
What I have found is that the Windows “Jump List” no longer works with the new (.aup3) file format.
The Jump List shows my version two projects, but even after clearing the Jump List (by turning the feature off and on again in Personalize/Start/Show recently opened items in Jump Lists)…no version three projects!

Possibly a file association thing?
This may be considered an “esoteric” case by non-windows users, but it’s very handy - and it used to work in v2.

The Windows jump list (the context menu for the Audacity icon on the Windows Task Bar) works correctly for me for .aup3 projects. :smiley:

I think what is going on is you have two different versions of Audacity running on your machine. If you are not getting the correct jump list, you’ll find that when you do Help > About you will find that the old version is still running.

So how can this be? Audacity does not allow two different copies of Audacity to be running concurrently. If you start up the new version while the old version is running, it simply wakes up the old version and exits. And vice versa.

To avoid confusion in the future let me suggest uninstalling the old version of Audacity. The new version will copy old .aup projects into the new .aup3 file structure, although the converse is not true and the new version will not “edit in place” old .aup project files. Should you need to install older versions of Audacity for some reason you can download them here: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html

Nope. I removed and re-installed; still no jump lists.
When you right-click the icon in the start menu (in the list or the pinned section), it should show a list of “recent” and “pinned” items.
BTW this is using the 64-bit version…

I’m confused. Before you said:

So apparently something has changed.

Note, when you install a new program, the jump list gets reset.

I cleaned out all my v.2 jump list entries; all were for long-age completed projects.
Quite simple to do when you use google.
Still none of my v.3 projects appear.