Joint Stereo vs Stereo

After one day of using the new version FFMPEG and MP3 had one crash then it was unable to open FFMPEG and MP3 every time I reinstalled it what a rubbish new version I had to downgrade due to lack of a manual detection screen to fix it.

And also forced Joint Stereo is a no no for me anyway I like my Stereo in full. And where is auto khz exporting.

Please fix the program.

I won’t be installing this again as an FFMPEG crash caused the FFMPEG and MP3 to both no longer be detected in it permanently with absolutely no manual redetect screen.

And what happen to freedom of choice I want auto khz and full stereo as Joint Stereo is crap.

Worst version ever made of a great software. Bring back Full Stereo, Bring Back khz detection for what you import and bring back manually fixing your libraries.

I’m in the rollback club I use audacity mainly for videos no FFMPEG is a no no.

We need the new exporter to have normal stereo and auto khz back and we need a way to manually get back FFMPEG and MP3 after a crash badly for this version to succeed and most of all if you have a wireless mouse not to drop out recording when your mouse locks as well.

I also found a bug that reinstalling FFMPEG to the Audacity folder which mine always does and doesn’t give me the option to change the directory to troubleshoot it wipes out the installation automatically of the Audacity program what the heck is that behaviour that a fresh FFMPEG install wipes Audacity off of the PC as well.

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And what happen to freedom of choice I want auto khz and full stereo as Joint Stereo is crap.

LAME “Joint Stereo” means that the encoder will automatically switch between M/S and L/R stereo depending on what’s better suited for the content and can switch between the two within a track. There is no quality benefit forcing L/R stereo. I wrote more about that here: Joint Stereo vs Stereo · audacity/audacity · Discussion #4940 · GitHub

That’s why it’s crap and shouldn’t be forced on us though you have to learn to use real Stereo in -6db and then it has the proper wide width and better sound than crappy Joint Stereo to take the width away and leave it with almost Mono width it defeats the purpose of Stereophonic Sound I hate the format of Joint Stereo because it’s not Stereo it makes it narrow panned both channels too close together on the output meters. I disagree that it’s better quality sound it’s worse I’m pro true Stereo and I will never upgrade to another 3.3+ version of Audacity if it’s Joint Stereo only.

People only use 320kbs these days and as said in the article it is only better in 256 and below and 320 is better in true Stereo what were the developers smoking when they said that Joint Stereo should be forced now in newer versions it shouldn’t I only work in 320 when it’s mp3.

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Check out the stereo separation in this MP3:

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Left and Right is still wider I’m not convinced with any format that messes with the output of the sound as it was recorded being the best format.

  • Did you check out the example that I posted?
  • Did you observe that there is 100% stereo separation?
  • Are you aware that “mid/side” stereo encoding and “left/right” stereo encoding can be converted losslessly from one to the other in either direction? (left/right stereo can be converted to mid/side stereo and back to left/right with 100% perfect sample accuracy).
  • Are you aware that LAME does not use Intensity stereo coding?

Exactly Left and Right from a video fie to same bitrate in mp3 is changing from Left and Right to the Mid and Side panning and that is not keeping 100% original integrity in the first place which is Left and Right so it will sound worse than the original thats why I’m anti forced Joint Stereo I want the option even if it’s not default anymore to choose same as original normal Stereo.

I’m not against Joint if it was recorded in Mid and Side to start but many of the formats are Left and Right so Mid and Side versions is fake artificial sound and not the same to original even if it 100% keeps most of the panning if it was wide to start changing it to Mid and Side from left and right forcefully is bad for the tracks and a step back for the best audio editor it just needs support not being the default even if it’s in custom mapping.

Don’t you want the option just for it to be there?

Bottom line is converting Left and Right to Mid and Side is a downgrade if the original was not Mid and Side format.

If more stuff was recorded in Mid and Side Stereo I would 100% back the format but the tracks in videos are in Left and Right m4a and ogg 160kbs formats.

I’ll give it a go keeping it as it has at least started to run my FFMPEG again after installing. I’m still not sure about forced Mid to Side Stereo not ruining Left to Right Stereo tracks I heard a live radio show thats always encoded in 128 Joint Stereo the other day and the encoding had a lot of water in it sounded like it’s recorded in a drain another reason I hate the format other than changing the integrity from Left and Right to a different panning.

It may be that the system you were using back then incorrectly encoded or interpreted the M/S signal as an L/R signal and thus broke things.

Digging around a bit, I found a forum post of a LAME developer suggesting to rename forced L/R stereo to “legacy stereo”… in 2008!

3.4.1 is so fast and snappy at exporting now it makes me not care about Left and Right being moved to the Mid and Side changing the orignal audio a bit artificially.

As it actually sounds quite good though listening to stuff back does that mean though that I was confusing some old model of Joint with the current all along. There was one called Dual Channel Stereo.

I’m definitely converted now the quality of my exports were great I had nothing to worry about export change for.

No, that is incorrect. M/S stereo and L/R stereo can be converted from one to the other perfectly. It’s just two ways of representing the same data. There is no difference in quality when converting between these two formats.

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