I think I had a function called join in my other version. It joined the edits in a track. There was a shortcut like Shift+J. Now I’m running 2.2.1 and don’t find that anywhere.

“Edit menu > Clip boundaries > Join”.

The “Ctrl+J” shortcut is in the “Full” set of keyboard shortcuts. See:

Thanx Steve. OK, it’s working now.

Hi,new user////How do I join .FLAC tracks without degradation and data loss? Thank you.

  1. Import the tracks
  2. Join them
  3. Export as FLAC

If you need it to be totally lossless, temporarily disable “dither” before exporting, and re-enable after exporting (see:

Formats higher than 24-bit cannot be saved losslessly with FLAC.
24-bit files must be saved as 24-bit FLAC to be totally lossless.