Joining tracks without Mix & Render

I’m working with projects that begin with importing tenths or sometimes hundreds of 10-30min audio files that need to be joined into a single track. So far I’ve tried using an Align End to End + Mix and Render macro, but gets progressively slower the more tracks that need joining. It’s faster for me to just drag each individual track and plop it on top of the first one and Select all + Join, but it’s tedious.

Is there a way to do that automatically?

Yes, I am thinking that Mix and Render could a little slow with hundreds of tracks. Have you tried Align End to End, then Export Audio to .WAV ?

I’m not sure that would be faster. Doesn’t Export do the mixing process anyway? Also I would have to re-import it later to continue.

Have you tried it ?

I just got around to it on a 13hr stereo project with 53 tracks on both my shitty work PC and at home.

PC 1 :
Mix & Render: 20min
Export + Import: 16min + 3min

PC 2 :
Mix & Render: 7min
Export + Import: 5min30sec + 45sec

While it’s a bit faster, I can manually merge the tracks in about 3 min.

Though I had to use flac 0 instead of .wav because of the 4gb size limit.

Well, kudos to you! :grinning:

Yes, that tedious part kills me.