Joining clips while creating silence between them

Up until the most recent update, I was able to join distant clips on one mono track, and the program would not only join them but also create the silence between them that I needed. I would highlight the tail end of the first clip, the blank space between it and the next clip, and the beginning of the second clip, and then click on Join in the menu, and both clips would be joined with silence created between them (which is crucial when I re-record a question on the Interviewer track, but I’d like my guest’s track to remain whole). I can no longer do that in this version. Any suggestions on how I can do this in the latest version of Audacity?

There’s a bug in the “join” code.
I think your best course is to go back to the last version of Audacity that worked for you and use that until Audacity 3.1.2 is released.

Older versions of Audacity are available from FossHub: