Joining clips screws up envelope information

Audacity 2.2.1 on Fedora 25.
When joining two adjacent clips, the envelope of the right clip gets screwed up. Note that the envelope control points are completely in the right clip.
The envelope of the left clip seems unaffected.
Peek 2017-12-15 19-40.gif

Thanks for the report. This is a bug (it’s one that we’ve had previously, was fixed, and is now broken again :frowning:)

A possible workaround is to delay joining the clips as long as possible, then “render” the track (with just that one track selected, “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render”). That will render the entire track to one continuous audio clip, applying the envelopes to the audio as it does so. The rendered track will appear as the bottom track in the project.

I’ll also log the bug on the bug tracker so that it will hopefully be fixed (again) in the next release.