Joining 2 mp3 files

Hi all, I just joined today because I have a question about joining 2 mp3 files together. I have looked through all the help sections offered with Audacity, and have found nothing telling how to simply join 2 files together. I have never used Audacity before, but it looks awesome to play around with. Anyway, if someone could maybe tell me where I can go to learn how to do this…all I want to do is join the 2 files together to make 1 file, nothing fancy with no effects or anything.
I am using Win7, running Audacity version 2.1.0, installed via .exe installer.

Thanks for giving us your Audacity version and Windows version.

You can join files thus in Audacity

However given you want no effects, it’s the wrong way to do it, because Audacity must re-encode the resulting file. This will degrade the joined MP3 because MP3 is a lossy format.

There are free tools that can split or join MP3 files to a new MP3 without audio losses, plus you can make volume changes in 1.5 dB steps. See


Thank you for the quick response, Gale. I think it would be best for me to grab one of the app’s that can just join the files outright, rather than using Audacity for doing it, especially since that would degrade the originals…the hunt is on now, for a joining app. Thanks so much, again, for responding