Join tracks end-to-end

I have Audacity 3.1.0 on a Mac (OS Mojave).

I wanted to join the several movements of a Bach cantata, recorded separately, into a continuous recording of the whole cantata. I loaded all the tracks into Audacity, clicked on Tracks > Align tracks > Align end to end. But the tracks were superimposed instead of following one another. What should I do?

Does Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render do what you want?

Thank you for that suggestion. I have not yet had time to try it, but shall report on the outcome as soon as I can. But in the meantime: why,whydoes the method I described above not work? Surely that is what it is intended for, and it is the method described in online posts (not Audacity posts, though).

Too dilatory of me! I decided after all to try it at once.The answer is that Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render does what it says on the tin: it mixes the tracks! Just as the apparently authorized method I described i my first post does. So I am still at a loss as far as joining the tracks end-to-end is concerned. I continue to be grateful in anticipation of suggestions and instructions.

Before clicking on “Tracks > Align tracks > Align end to end” you need to select all the tracks (“Ctrl + A”).

Thank you, Steve. This is beginning to help. But I took your advice and tried it, and the resulting file (which should have got all 8 tracks on it end to end) has the first track, correctly followed by the beginning of the second, but stops a few seconds into that second track; and the rest of that track and tracks 3 to 8 are not there at all. Could it be that there is a limit on the total duration? Once more, further advice will be most gratefully received.

Do you mean that playback stops, or that the tracks have not aligned end to end, or do you mean something else?

Perhaps you need: View > Track Size > Fit to Width

In answer to Steve, I mean that the start of the 2nd track is correctly joined onto the end of the 1st; the 2nd track then stops after a few seconds, and none of the other tracks (3 — 8) is there at all.

I have now discovered that if I only load tracks 1 and 2 into Audacity and then use the same procedure (including selecting all as specified by you), both 1. and 2., correctly joined, are created in full. Do I need to now join 3. on in the same way, then 4., etc., one at a time?

In answer to Jademan: Thank you, I shall try that.

And now — that’s brilliant, Jademan! It worked smoothly and perfectly! Thank you very much indeed. I don’t think any of this is in the Audacity Manual, is it? It really ought to be there. To be able to join tracks together end to end must be a common requirement, surely, and should be described in the Manual?

Glad you got it sorted… :smiley: