Join multiple files into one

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Please, how can I join multiple files into just one big file?

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You can use the Time Shift Tool to move tracks around.

Import a file to a track then import another to a second track. Use the Time Shift Tool to drag the second track to the end of the first. You can then delete the now empty second track, Zoom the timeline outwards and import another file then repeat the process.


  1. Import all of the files into one Audacity project.
  2. Drag the tracks up / down onto the correct order (click and drag on the box on the left end of the track)
  3. “Ctrl + A” (select All)
  4. “Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End”
  5. “File menu > Export” in your preferred format

Note that if this is for chapters in an audio book, it may be better to keep the tracks separate - audio book publishers usually insist on one chapter only in each file.