JACK audio support in windows builds


Is there a plan to include JACK audio support into windows builds in the future?
I would really appreciate it, becuase WASAPI interface works with a big lanency.
I use “Latency compensation” but it seems to me, that this value changes from time to time (maybe it depends on other programs running on the computer…).

Thanks for answer!

There are currently no plans to support Jack on Windows.
Have you tried Jack on Windows 10?

Yes I have. I use 64-bit version and It works fine with my Focusrite Scarlett USB sound card via it’s ASIO driver. But there are just a couple windows applications that support JACK.
MuseScore has a bug in JACK support that should be fixed in 3.5. And so only some audio players with ASIO output can communicate with JACK server. I also use VB ASIO Bridge to connect applications that don’t support JACK - this works fine (even with audacity) but it’s not suitable when low latency is needed.

Last time that I looked, Jack for Windows was still “experimental”. Now that they have a (hopefully “stable”) release version for Windows, I shall move this topic to the “Feature Requests” board so that we can log your interest in adding this feature.

I sometimes use Jack (on Linux), so I know how good it can be. Hopefully adoption on Windows will increase - it would be nice to see an open source alternative to ASIO.

Thanks for posting this suggestion. I wouldn’t expect Audacity to support Jack on Windows any time soon (there are a lot of competing priorities, and very few developers), but nice to see this on the “to do” list.

Thanks Steve!
I understand that there are different development priorities. JACK is more likely for people who discovered it’s possibilities on Linux - just like you :slight_smile: . I also used to do all audio-work on Linux but I have to use Windows now and I try to look for some hacks or alternatives to achieve things I was used to.

Please let me know if it will be in development.

I spoke to one of the developers about this, and to my surprise he told me that he added support for Jack on Windows a long time ago, though he’s not tried it in ages so he doesn’t know if it still works. This has never been an advertised feature, and as far as I’m aware it has not been formally tested. Have you tried using Jack with Audacity?

I didn’t find JACK support in the build I use and I didn’t have a time to compile Audacity on windows.
I may have some time to try it in next weeks…