iZotope RX

Does anyone use iZotope RX in their work flow? I bought this tool many years ago and have struggled to use it in my audiobook workflow. I (like many) have a home studio and do have imperfections that the ACX Audiobook Mastering macro does not fix. These imperfections include clicks and pink noise that, the latter of which I now believe comes mainly from the house next door’s outdoor AC unit.

Do other users on this forum run their audio through iZotope RX’s Voice De-Noise or Repair Assistant in an efficient way that does actually polish their audio immediately before or after running the ACX Audiobook Mastering macro?


Before you complain to the neighbours …
Pink noise is created by complex systems which can exist in many states, e.g. surf, rain, electrons, neurons …https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_noise#Occurrence
Next door’s outdoor AC unit could contribute noise, but it won’t have the characteristic pink frequency-distribution.
The self-noise inherent in your (& all) electronics would be the prime-suspect for pink noise.