I've lost my "_data" file somehow ? Please help

Some years ago, I made some voice recordings about my workout routines. I randomly found the Audacity Project Manager File (.aup) for that recording. I entered the file and a error occured with the saying: “Couldn’t find the project data folder [file name] _data” and then: "Could not load file [file name] .aup.
I know that when you save a project in Audacity, the “.aup” file and “_data” file must be in the same place (folder). But the problem is that I have somehow lost the “_data” folder and it’s not in the same place as the .aup file.
How can I find my _data file/folder for that project, even if it’s deleted, I just wanna hear my voice what I was speaking.
My English isn’t that good, so if you have additional questions please ask me so I can provide you with information.
Thanks in advance.

My Audacity version is 3.1.3, and my OS is Windows 10.

Search the machine for the _data folder.

This is what a healthy project looks like.

If the _data folder is missing, then that’s the end of the show. The Audacity .aup file has the instructions how Audacity is to create the show from the sound in the _data folder. Without the _data folder, there is no sound.

A common New User mistake is to think the .aup file is the whole show. It is not. You need both parts.

The new Audacity makes an .aup3 file with everything in it. Newer Audacity programs will open shows from both Audacity versions.


I searched my PC, but couldn’t find the _data file. I’m running Win10 so the searching is a bit hard, or to say better-harder than in Win7.

Maybe you could give me some instructions on how do I properly search a file like that (where to type, what to type etc.). I just can’t believe where is that _data file (maybe I deleted it, but still why would I do that), I have made several more Audacity projects and all of them contain both .aup and _data files and can be reproduced in Audacity without and problems.

That’s the last thing I think you could do to help me - tell me where and what to search, if that doesn’t work/find the _data file then it’s the end of the show as you said. Thanks in advance.


Maybe you could give me some instructions on how do I properly search a file

We should wait for a Windows user. I’m a Mac elf.


I’m not a Windows elf either, but here’s a couple of tips for searching for folders on Windows 10:

If you have enough time, you could try a search from a root directory, like starting directly from C: o D: volumes (just going to the disk itself) then you use the search bar:
Just search for everything called “_data” (try searching without the quote marks).
Even if Windows indexing is deactivated, the search should progress; but it will take long time in finishing.