I've got you under my ski


I’ve got you under my skin… Ohhh Yeah baby i want you to make me make you a pretty cool skin… What about that ? :smiling_imp: :imp:

Audacity does not have “skins”.
There is some experimental code for “theme” support, but to enable it requires that Audacity is compiled from the source code.
Are you able to build Audacity from the source code?

There is some information and examples of themes in this old topic: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/request-skin/747/1

Excuse me for the delay of answer… I have kownledge of coding. You can send me the source code and tell me the language of coding (to compile) and its done ! lol… So i can suggest you some themes but the better is to send me the style you want from a picture of skin of other soft… like you want ! :wink:

There are platform specific guides for building Audacity: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Developer_Guide
To work on the current development version, download the source code from svn (details in the guides).

Note that the theme code has not been touched for quite a while, and was incomplete even back then. I’ve not tried enabling theme support recently so I don’t know how well it will work. I’d suggest that you try building without theme support first just to check that your build environment is set up correctly. If that looks OK, rebuild with theme support enabled.

See the file Experimental.h for enabling the experimental theme support.

There is some additional information here: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Theming_HowTo

Regarding the style, there is no great enthusiasm among the developers to radically change the current style, and many users like the “retro” feel. Until theme support is revisited, updated and completed there are not likely to be any radical changes to the appearance of Audacity. Having said that, themes were a popular feature when it was briefly available in an old beta version so I think it would be good to revive interest in this.

http://www.propod.fr/style1.jpg what do think like this ? (sort of mint)…


I’ve just built Audacity with theme support enabled, so I’m pleased to say that it does build.

What do you of this sas icon for Audacity ?

Can Some Help me ? I need some for compiling while i made the skin pictures …(i will need a mail and exchange the results)… It will be faster to work…

Sorry, we d not have the resources to be able to offer individual e-mail support, but if you have any specific questions about compiling the source code, please post your questions to this forum board: http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=19

And if i create an adress only for that ?

As much as Audacity looks a bit “plain” in terms of graphics, the way I see it, Audacity doesn’t waste valuable processing power loading up high res layouts and I would worry about having a theme option to add to Audacity’s bloating.


It just means Audacity loads different images from the ones now.


Same answer - no e-mail support. :wink:

If you keep exactly the same number and size of images as before, then there is no need to compile Audacity. You can just download Audacity 1.3.8, save the images from Edit > Theme Preferences, then edit the images. This will change the buttons and the waveform colours.

If you want to change other parts of the interface, then you will have to compile Audacity.

If you change the Audacity icon, you cannot call the program Audacity if you distribute it to someone else.