iTunes Match and Audacity

Has anyone had success in ripping from Vinyl and having iTunes Match actually MATCH rather than upload it? If so, what settings are you using in Audacity?

what do you mean by “match” :confused:

In iTunes Match, rather than upload your songs, they are “matched” by those already in the iTunes library. You can then listen to or download the iTunes version of the song rather than your scratchy vinyl version.

From a quick look on Google, peoples experience with correct matching seems to range from around 70% success (best) to about 0.5% (worst).

Check the iTunes Match documentation to ensure that you are doing everything you can to help the system - check that you are using its preferred format, does adding id3 tags help, check that the length of your recording matches as closely as possible the “correct” length. The service probably works better with CD rips as these are likely to match Apples database much more closely than analogue recordings.

When I was burning CDs from vinyl transcriptions I did get about 70% recognition rate in the Gracenote CDDB database when I loaded the CD that I made into iTunes - so I’m guessing that Steve’s prediction above is good.

Personally I have no intention of putting my music file’s into Bill’s Apple Cloud - which is why I didn’t know about Match, but very useful to know about that - thanks for the insight gained there dojoboy.

I prefer to retain all my music on my PCs and (and on my iPods for transportability) with it all safely backed up on backup disks - I just don’t trust that Cloud stuff (condsider the Kindle where in the past Amazon has removed “books” from users that they’ve actually paid for).

BTW your vinyl transcriptions don’t have to be scratcht (though my son prefers my old 45s that way). I use the magical ClickRepair software, costs $40 but well worth it IMHO - see this sticky thread: