iTunes and Audacity, do they Still Work

I just updated both iTunes and Audacity. Every single album I recorded through Audacity and put into iTunes has at least one song that is 789 hours long and won’t play in iTunes. I’ve been talking to iTunes users all day for two days and I’ve tried everything possible with iTunes. The affected songs have no pattern, they’re just random. Every album was fine until I updated iTunes. What is weird is that some songs work. My phone is fine and the file itself is fine, I can open it in other places and it is fine. What is happening?

I have had the same problem. I have been talking with Apple for 3 days. It has got to do with iTunes last update. Apple is saying tuff crap - no their problem. The problem is with any song that you cut in Audiacity and saved in iTunes as m4a file. Mp3 and Wav files are not affected. I have 18K with about 6-8K files cut from audacity and they are all saying 789 hours and unusable. I don’t know if Audacity can help, but Apple is saying - not their problem.