Italian localization breaks Audacity effects

When I use Audacity and change language to my native tongue Italian, almost every effect I try (e.g. Change Pitch / Cambia intonazione) fail with a Validation Error:

Switching to Eng, Ger, Fra, Spa it does work fine. Seems something is broken in the Italian localization…

Hmm, it’s working in Italian OK here.

You could try doing a full reset of Audacity, though any custom plug-ins that you have added will need to be enabled again after the reset. If that’s OK with you:

  1. Ensure that Audacity is not running.
  2. Open the hidden folder: *Users__\AppData\Roaming\audacity*
    (where “” is your computer log-in name).
  3. Delete the three files:
  4. Restart Audacity

When you restart Audacity, you should see the “Welcome” screen.
Before using Audacity, if the language does not default to Italian, open Preferences and set the language to Italian.

Let us know how it goes.

Still the same… But I thought about a possible explanation why this happens: I changed my default Italian CSV delimiter char
Could this be the reason?

Yes it could.

Wouldn’t be safer to force “.” char for ANY language in the input gadgets of Audacity since it’s the only accepted char? It looks like it automatically replaces them with Windows user settings decimal delimiter even when I use . and I press OK. It could be a problem in case someone needs to change it in Windows…