Itabla Tanpura

Has anyone used Audacity with ITablaPro? If so can they share their workflow?

I would like to use the Tanpura sound generated by the IOS app ITabla Pro as a track and add audio using a microphone with the Tanpura as background.

I am new to audacity, I was able to create a project with adding vocals to a background music track in audacity, I cannot get the correct workflow to add the music generated in ITablaPro (an IOS app in iPad) to a track which I can use in my laptop.

In other words how can one export output from iTablapro in iPad to Audacity on my laptop?

Many thanks

Connect your Mac and your iOS device using a lightning cable you can use the iOS device as an audio device.

Open Audio Midi Setup in Utilities on your Mac. You should see your device in the left hand side. Click enable and you’ll see the iOS device as an output only audio device in the audio setup settings.

Audacity should then see it as a recording device.