It is possible to make a female voice sound as male without

I can try to change pitch; the problem is that it also changes the instrument. Is there a way to detect just that female voice to be taken out, or to be changed for male voice?

It is difficult or impossible to do Vocal Isolation and Difficult or Impossible to change a human voice to anything else.

The Vocal Removal plugin can sometimes remove a voice, but usually fails more often than it succeeds.

There is no good software for Vocal Isolation --remove everything but the voice

Simple tools for Voice Change fail because some parts of a voice like SSS and FFF and plosives do not change from person to person, but the pitch and timbre does. Simple tools change everything and make the voice sound funny.


I need it for me, I need it for me so it will be good, even if sounded funny. I will try, and post

No, that can’t be done.

The first problem is that separating one voice from a mix leaving both the voice and the music in tact is virtually impossible,
The next problem is that you can’t change the “character” of a voice using normal audio processing - you would need complex formant processing to do that, which is a highly specialised field in voice processing. Even specialised, state of the art voice processing software can’t do that without it sounding a bit strange.