Issues with the Echo Effect

When I use the selector tool to highlight the whole track and apply Echo to it, it either doesn’t do anything or it only puts echo on the last 1/6 (or less) of the track.

The same thing applies when I only select some of the track. If I make a small selection somewhere in the middle or beginning I still get the same issue, only none of it gets the echo applied.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or know a remedy?

Please have a look at the documentation for the effect especially the green box at the top: Audacity Manual. You will often want to add silence after the end of the track.

You may prefer Effect > Delay… instead (underneath the divider in the Effect Menu).


If you repeat the section you want echoed, i.e. two (or more) copies end-to-end, then apply echo, then delete un-echoed bit at the start.

Whatever the “delay time” you’ve set on the echo-effect, it’s going to take that long before the echo effect kicks-in.