issues recording traktor 10 soundcard usb


I’m failing to record a dj mix with traktor 10 (firmware and cotrol panel are up to date) via usb (catalina 10.15.6, audacity 2.4.2). the device is shown in both sound settings on mac as well as in audacity. in the sound settings you can see a signal in the sound meter, but in audacity there is no signal in the “preview” or while recording. I experienced the same issue with other free recording software. native instruments claims that the device is compatible with catalina. ideas and suggestions are very appreciated!

What Mac do you have? Can you record from the built-in microphone?
– Bill

IMac late 2012 27". yes the built in mic works fine.

If recording in Audacity via the internal mic is working then either there is an issue with USB audio or there is an issue with Audacity connecting to the Traktor. Do you have any other USB audio interfaces you can try out?

I am not familiar with the Traktor 10, so I can’t give any specific advice there.

Maybe someone else here will have some insight.

– Bill

thank you for your replies,bill!
I have to add that recording with traktor10 works on a macbook with macOS10.14, but only with the traktor pro 2 software, which isn’t supported anymore on catalina.
I think I will have to post this topic in the native instruments forum.

unfortunately I dont have any other usb audio interfaces. but I’m quite sure that issue is between the audio 10 and audacity (or any other non native instruments software). below you will find a link to screenshots where my audio settings are displayed.