Issue with burning music files to disc

I am running audacity version 2.1.3 on windows 10. For quite some time I have been able to record music off the internet (youtube, Pandora etc.) and then burn them to a disc using windows media player. I recently recorded some music using audacity and saved it to my hard drive. When I tried to burn the music files to disc it would not burn them, it would just say burn cancelled. So… I thought there might be an issue with my external disc drive. So I tried burning some older music files I saved a few months ago. They burned fine. So it appears that it is only any new files that I record and save from audacity that I am not able to burn to disc. All of the older and new files were saved as 32pcm wav files. I am thinking perhaps I may have changed a setting in audacity that is now somehow changing the files making them different than the older saved files. I updated my windows media player to the latest version. No change. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this ?

The format of music on an Audio CD is 44100 sampling rate, 16bit PCM (Microsoft), Stereo.

I had a very old burner which would fail if I presented a mono (one blue wave) audio track instead of stereo (two blue waves). 32-bit PCM is not a graceful or normal sampling rate. It’s even higher than studio 24-bit and it’s way higher than the 16 bit on the disk.

Make sure you have backup copies of your work and try creating a 44100, 16 bit (Microsoft) Stereo in Audacity and see if that works.


Ok I tried it and burned a couple newly downloaded files. It worked. I don’t know why 32 bit stopped working, as it has been working before. But anyway I can now burn the files at 16 ok so far. I’m a happy camper now. :wink: Thanks