Issue with Audio Interface. (U-Phoria UMC202HD)

Hello, recently I had the U-Phoria UMC202HD shipped to me ( I did not purchase it) so before you ask why I did not buy an interface with only one input, it is because I was sent this one and it has two. Before I had this one sent to me, I had the uphoria um2 and I gave it to a friend and when I was using that with my audio technica at 2035 it worked fine and I could hear audio out of both ears without having to adjust anything. So with this one, whenever I record anything, the audio only comes out of one ear. I hate having to go back and downmix to mono, then add stereo and copy and paste it. I know I sound lazy but when I am recording I want it to be as stress-free as possible. If anyone knows a solution to this, please tell me.

I like my UM2.

Scarlett makes a similarly configured SOLO. I’ve never used one.


Audacity has had problems with managing stereo USB adapters in a mono show (as you found) and further, even if we had good techniques of converting in real time, there’s no way to get the sound back out to you without machine latency. There’s always an echo in the sound and past recompiling the Audacity program with ASIO software support (which may not work anyway), there’s no way around that.

That brings us to buying a UM2 and/or waiting for further forum comments.

I suppose you could get around this with clever application of mono/stereo headphone adapter cables. I don’t have handy access to part numbers because I’ve never had to do this.

Post back if you get it to work. We’ve had several posters with the same problem, either headphone or actual show sound. Those USB adapters are relentlessly stereo.