Issue With Applying Noise Reduction Since Last Update

Hello. I’ve been using the noise reduction feature for as long as I’ve been using Audacity. Ever since the last update, I’ve been having an issue with it. During the “Applying Noise Reduction…” stage, it just doesn’t finish. The green bar fills up all the way, the remaining time goes down to 0 and it just keeps going. Elapsed time continues to go up, but nothing else happens. Even if I leave it for a while afterwards, it just keeps counting the elapsed time, but never actually finishes, so I need to cancel and try again. Sometimes it’ll work, but most times it does the same thing.

How long is the show? Can you make it worse? Anything you do that changes the problem is valuable.

You’re doing all your work on the local drive, right? No cloudy drives?

If you’re on a Mac, just restart. If you’re on Windows, do a Clean Shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. Not regular restart and not regular shut down.

Any change?


Which was which one?


I’m on Windows and doing that didn’t change anything. It’s all on my local drive. The audio I’m currently working with is about 3 hours and 15 minutes, although I’m usually working with about 2 hours of audio and have the same problem. I’m not sure what you mean by making it worse. One of two things happens each time I try, either it works or it just infinitely goes without ever ending and it’s usually the latter.

If you’re on anything higher than 3.3.3, you should probably drop back to 3.3.3 until the latest update comes out.

When 3.4.2 posts, see what the forum thinks about it before updating.


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I was on 3.4.1. Noted, I’ll do that, thank you.

Part of the diagnostic process is to consider all the symptoms, not just the ones the poster might think are significant.

Which Audacity version is doing this? The one before this was OK?

How much free drive space do you have with Audacity and the show open and running?


Dueling posts. Let’s see who can hit the return key faster.

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