Issue converting .wav files to .raw format

Hi folks,

I’ve recently downloaded Audacity to use in converting WAV files from a Sony hand held recorder to .raw format, so that they can be loaded onto an SD card and played through a synthesizer module. The creator of the module provided instructions for this process, below in red:

Open your source file - i.e. a stereo MP3
Ensure Project Rate is set to 44100 (Bottom left hand corner of the screen)
Mix to Mono (Tracks / Stereo Track to Mono)
Once the file is ready, choose:
File / Export
Format: “Other Uncompressed Files”
Header: “RAW (header-less)”
Encoding: “Signed 16-bit PCM”
The resulting file will have a .raw suffix. You can’t double click to open it again in Audacity, you have to use File / Import / Import Raw Data

So I’ve followed these instructions to the letter, but each time, the audio files end up being exported as .aiff files! I’ve got no idea why this is happening, I’m probably doing something stupid! Can you offer any help/advice? I’m on Windows 7 and have Audacity 2.1.2.


There’s a bug in Audacity 2.1.2 which in certain circumstances, incorrectly adds “.aiff” as the file extension. This bug only relates to the name of the file, it does not affect the actual file format.

To work around the bug, simply enter the file name for the exported file as the exact name (including file extension) that you require. For example, if you want the file to be called “myfile.raw”, then ensure that is the name in the file export dialog when you export. Alternatively, just change the name of the file after it has been exported.
Tip: set Windows to always show the file extension:

Many thanks for the quick response Steve, I’ll give it a whirl!