issue about playback speed and recording

i have a track that i want to playback at 93% while i record the vocals. I want to know how to record at 93% play speed if thats possible. when i record it automatically play at normal speed but i would like to record it at a slower speed or find a way to save the instrumental track at a slower speed to allow me to do the vocals at that speed while i record. thanks

You’re aware that changing the “speed” changes both tempo and pitch? Is that what you want?

Audacity does not apply effects in real time, so to achieve what you are asking, do the following:

  1. Select the entire track (Ctrl+A to select All)
  2. Note the length of the track (look in the Selection Toolbar)
  3. Apply the Change Speed effect with “Speed Multiplier” set to 0.93
  4. Record the new track. By default the first track will play while you are recording. See here for more information:
  5. Select All (Ctrl+A)
  6. Apply the Change Speed effect with the “New Length” set to the length that you noted in step 2.

Note: The “speed multiplier” in step 6 will be about 1.075, but that is not exact (the exact value is 1/0.93). Using the “New Length” control will give the exact speed change necessary to restore the original speed.