Isolating audio channels

With an audio file where there’s material panned hard left, hard right, and straight in the center, is there anyway to isolate each of these channels individually? I know you can easily remove the center ‘channel’ through inverting, but can the opposite be done?

On Audacity you can “split stereo to mono”: which converts the left-right stereo pair into two mono tracks.

Centre pan isolation ? : extracting (retaining) only the sound common to both channels …

not sure what you mean by opposite

if you have hard left right and center
then if you can invert the center and cancel it
you have a hard left and hard right remaining
split to mono or pan full left or right
and you should be able to get those two channels alone

if you subtract the hard leftright from the original
you should get just the center

and none of this will be perfect
but should be close enough for govt work

No - the remaining left/right sounds are mixed together as MONO.
2 out of 3 is the best you can do by simple invert/mix type processes. To do more than that (such as vocal isolation) you need to use much more sophisticated digital tools as described in the link posted earlier.


is this a quirk in audacity
or is my algebra too rusty

if you can take mid side and make L & R
seems like some multiple steps here should get you a L & R
all by themselves

i guess i need to look at that link
and dig out my old notes to review them too

One of the elves went through three pages of math trying to get back to L and R after performing an invert and subtract and he never made it.

There is one software package that claims to be able to do Direction Subtraction or Direction Isolation instead of always working in the middle. Like being able to do vocal isolation with a singer that’s half-left. That one is fee-based software.


but don’t go changing your name to Napoleon :wink: