Isolating a sound such as a......

I am new here. Is this the right place to ask this question?

I was using 1.3.9 Audacity. I just downloaded the new version 2x for windows.

I have a CD called Shamanic Dream by Anugama. The first track is referred to as "Earth-Sound with relaxed
heartbeat rhythm. It has some very deep rhythmic drum beats in the back ground that I want to isolate and
record to CD. I looked at the Help section of Audacity but I am confused. Can anyone please help me through
this? The Shamanic Dream can be downloaded free at Youtube if anyone wants to listen to it but when I played it
back on my DVD player I had a hard time hearing that deep drum beat like I have on MY original CD.

Would really appreciate your help
Thanks so much.

I met that I had a hard time hearing the drum beat when I played the CD on
my Lap Top. I hear it fine on my DVD played. Sorry for the confusion. I just want to learn how to isolate
the drum beat from the other instruments so I can record that to CD.
Thanks again

I don’t know that I follow that, but if you get the sound into Audacity, you can use the equalizer effect to boost the bass notes.

Effect > Equalization.
Select Graphic Eq. The sliders to the left affect the bass notes. The further to the left yo go, but deeper the note. You have to slide and then OK to hear what you did.

Start with 100Hz. That’s a pretty good bass note.

Do you have two different players? It’s not unusual for music systems to be able to reproduce good bass notes and for TV systems to not have good bass notes.


“I don’t know that I follow that.”

Ok, I want to isolate the drum beat from all the other instruments and just record the drum beat to CD.

I can’t find anything on here that says graphic equalizer. This software is new to me.

I’ve listened to the beginning of the shamanic dream video, but I don’t know if it was the right song.
Anyway, you can’t separate the rhythm from the other instruments. You can use the lowpass filter (Effect menu) to catch the deep drum sounds (high roll-off and about 200 to 400 Hz).
By the way, the equalizer can also be found in the effect menu (there’s no real time equalization in Audacity).
I am not sure which sounds you want to isolate, the percussion is distributed over the greater part of the spectrum. You can also try to reduce the pad sounds with the noise removal effect (read the help for this).

Thanks Robert. I appreciate your help.
I guess I’m out of luck. I wanted to put together meditation CD
with a drum beat at 3 per second or 3 hz. I wanted to used a DEEP
sound like you would hear with one of those BIG drums in a Symphony
Orchestra. Guess I will be reduced to renting one and recording my own
sound? (:slight_smile: I looked on YouTube and all the drumming sound is very harsh and
sounds like tin. Not what I want. No deep resonate drum beats.
Any ideas?

I would not look at YouTube as a paragon of good quality sound. YouTube presentations are Flash Video which compresses the audio and if the original performer used MP3, then the sound has been compressed twice, adding damage each time.

Open Audacity.

Generate > Noise: brown, 0.8 level, ten seconds.

Effect > Low Pass Filter: 24dB, 150Hz.

Is that the type of sound you’re looking for? That’s earthquake sound. If you can’t hear that “truck going by” sound, then your sound system may not be up to it.


I used the envelope tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to create this earthquake effect from the above brown noise and filters. The picture is what the timeline looks like.


Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 9.48.42 PM.png

No, I just get a hissing noise. No truck sound. No rumbling like an earth quake.

I think that Koz meant for you to download the “FourPointOh8Seconds.mp3” attachment in his post and listen to that.

Use the Risset Drum effect from the generate menu.
It gives a nice booming sound for low frequencies (~50 Hz)
Adjust the noise parameters accordingly (to your taste). A decay of 2 s may be appropriate too.
Generate several of those beats and move them with the time-shift tool.
Render those beats into a single track, that represents a whole measure.
duplicate this track and move it to the right, at the start of the second measure. Render those two tracks again, i.e mix them down into one track (track menu).
You can now select the second measure (whithout the decaying tail at the end, where the third measure would start).
Press ‘z’ to limit the selection to the nearest zero crossing.
Go to effects>Repeat and enter how many measures you want the track to last.
The meditation track has more than one pitched drum. You can vary these pitches too. I give you the Hz values for very deep drums, starting at c1 up to c3:

c1 32.7032
d1 36.7081
e1 41.2034
f1 43.6535
g1 48.9994
a1 55
b1 61.7354
c2 65.4064
d2 73.4162
e2 82.4069
f2 87.3071
g2 97.9989
a2 110
b2 123.471
c3 130.813

Values lower than 50 Hz have to be entered manually, each time you call the Risset Drum effect.
Hope this helps.

Ok everybody. Thanks for all your help.
Very much appreciated.