Isolate vocals from trailer


Let me start by saying Im no audio expert at all, so go on easy on me :sunglasses: .

My problem, I want to edit a trailer and I want to use the vocals from this trailer >
Is there anyway by using audacity to get that 1970s voice without the background music? I already tried to put in the mp3 only into the program but I couldn’t do anything because it needed to be a stereo track.

Please help :smiley:

The sound track in that video appears to be mono. Audacity’s tool for “voice isolation” requires stereo sound, and even then it can only isolate the vocal if it is panned in the centre of the stereo mix. So the short answer is no, Audacity can’t do that (and I don’t know of any other programs that can either).

Thanks for the reply, Steve. That’s a pity.

This may sound lazy from my side, but could you, or anybody else, try it anyways and let me hear what you could make of it?

No, because Audacity’s tool for “voice isolation” requires a stereo track. It won’t run (at all) on a mono track.

“You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg and you can’t un-mix sound.”

This is why pro studios do [u]multi-track recording[/u] with each instrument, vocal, and sound effect recorded separately they can edit, adjust, process, delete, or re-record the parts separately before mixing. And, they can re-mix if one part of the mix turns-out too loud or too quiet, etc.

Of course, you can edit the left & right channels (or surround channels) separately. And, there is the simple trick of subtracting left from right to eliminate vocals (and everything else) in the phantom center (sounds that are identical and in-phase in both channels). And, there is a more-complex method of keeping center while throwing-away the sides.