Isolate sound

I have a sample
This sample is used in a song
I want to remove this sample from the song
I would like to know if it is possible to place the sample at the same time as the music and subtract the sample from the music.

Here I show the operation
Sample of the music - sample = music without sample

Yes, but.

Is either one or both MP3?


Yes, the two are mp3

Yes, the two are mp3

Then you’re stuck. Compressed formats like MP3, M4A, etc. cause sound distortion and the damage changes with the music and production. So the two tracks may sound the same, but they’re not. Compression’s big trick is their ability to hide the compression damage, but it just kills you when you want to do production like this.

If you want to try it anyway. Import both tracks into Audacity. They will appear one above the other and play at the same time (that’s normal). Select one of the two tracks by clicking just above MUTE. Effect > Invert.

After you do that, the two tracks are electrically out of step (phase) with each other. Use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push the shorter track so the musical tones line up between the two tracks. I expect the best you can do is a talking into a wine glass sound, not true cancellation. If you get really close, select one of the two tracks and change the volume slightly with the slider on the left. There’s no way to predict what you’re doing to need to do.

You may also find that the music gets louder when you get close. That could mean the two were already out of step and you didn’t need the Invert step. (Edit > UNDO).


not working

not working

Did you get the wine-glass effect when you got close? It’s critical. There’s going to be one magic place when all the effects and interference tones pop up—if it’s going to work at all.

This whole dance is based on the two samples being identical. Not sorta close, they have to be identical. If somebody added effects or filters to get the sample to sound right in the song, then the cancellation trick isn’t going to work. Just having both of them be MP3 is usually enough to mess up the trick.

So what you have is normal.


I did not mean stereo tracks recorded in a studio

Look i have

Music with drum sample

Drum sample

Picks up the samples in the areas where the drum sample is heard
I want to use the same sample to subtract the sample of the music
So the music would be without the drum sound

Yes that is possible, but for complete removal you need to match the samples exactly with the samples used in the song.

That will make complete removal impossible. MP3 is a “lossy” format, so the MP3 of the “song with drums” will not be an exact copy of the original song with drums mix.

The drum samples need to be lined up exactly with the drum samples in the song, and the amplitude of the drums also needs to match exactly.
When you have them matched exactly, make the two tracks into one stereo track (see: and then apply the “vocal removal” effect ( This effect “cancels out” anything that is common to both left and right channels.

If the drum samples match exactly in both channels (they won’t be exact because the mix is MP3) then you will get complete removal of the tracks.
If they are extremely close but not exact, then you will get some reduction, but not as much.
If they are very close, then there will be a bit of reduction, but not much.
If they are quite close, then that is not close enough and there will be no reduction of drums in the mix - the drums could even be louder.