Isolate or extract bass. Audacity 3.0.0

Hello there!
I am new to Audacity, just downloaded it. How can I isolate/extract bass from a song using Audacity?
Thanks in advanced for you help!

A high-pass or low-pass filter (Effect → Classic Filters) can remove the bass frequencies (high-pass) or remove everything but the bass (low-pass). You can’t isolate bass guitar from any other low frequency instruments.

Which frequency shall I use? What is about the Roll-off?

That’s the steepness of the filter. See:
The higher the number, the steeper the cut-off.

Start at around 200 Hz. Use the “Preview” button to try different values.

Audacity can’t separate voices, instruments or sound from a mixed performance.

Instruments are mixtures of different tones, overtones, and harmonics. Separating bass isn’t going to give you a bass guitar or bass violin. It’s going to give you a wet towel hitting the floor or thunder.


Which frequency shall I use? What is about the Roll-off?

That depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. You just have to experiment… Maybe start with 100Hz. There is no “definition” of where bass starts. The standard home theater subwoofer-crossover is 80Hz. A bass guitar has a pretty-wide range and it goes higher into the mid-range frequencies.