Isochronic - Generate Tone vs Modulation Frequency

I need to understand the difference between generating a Sine Tone and then using IsoMod to add frequency. What I am trying to do is to create a Pure Isochronic Tone using IsoMod and selecting the frequency of Beta (15hz - 40hz), Alpha (8hz - 14hz), Theta (4hz - 8hz) etc., in the Initial and Final Modulation Frequencies. However the original Tone frequency can be anything I want. 528HZ, 200HZ or 10HZ. How do all of these differ if the Initial and Final Modulation Frequencies remain the same. Please help!!!

To use the Isochronic modulator effect:

  1. Generate a tone at whatever frequency you want (“Generate menu > Tone”)
  2. Apply the effect to the tone with whatever settings you require.

I can’t be more specific than that because your question is vague.