ISO tips on cleaning up awful recordings

Hello, I am new to Audacity but in a couple sessions I have kind of gotten the hang of it but could use some guidance…
I am working on cleaning up and editing 14ish hours of live music recordings. the goal is to get the best bits and make as many decent songs out of it as possible.
My main problem is that the recordings suck… they’re just made haphazardly on an iPhone in the voice memos app. I’ve got clipping and noise and drunk idiots talking all over the place, what are the best techniques you’ve found to eliminate the talking? (the rest of it I’ve got more or less figured out)
I’ve cut a few tracks already, a couple of which have turned out surprisingly well and a couple that are just crap. it’s all pretty much live techno so selecting good portions and looping them is going well but I’d love to isolate and eliminate the voices.
I’d be happy to share what I have made but it’s really just some polished turds. Thanks in advance!

Apparently free AI tools for Audcaity can remove voices …

IMO the results of AI stem extraction sound computery, (perhaps OK for electronic music)

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