Isn't there a downloadable PDF User manual? [SOLVED]

:frowning: I am Disabled and, therefore, require a User Manual I can download and print. I’ve searched this web site and can only find an online manual. I cannot use it at all. I got the Cassette Capture in order to make CD’s for my sons out of cassettes I made when they were toddlers singing and playing with each other. My body is, basically, falling apart…in fact, I’m having my 4th procedure since 11/6/15 on 12/15/15. I need to have all my Holiday stuff done and ready to ship out before December 15th. After that, I’m not sure how long it will take to recover. Also, I think my software is version 47.1A, but, without a manual, I cannot be positive. I see that, if this is one of the older versions mentioned above that there are no forums for it. How can I know what mine is? And, if it is an older version, does that mean there’s no user manual? Forgive me…I just started using PC’s in the past 4 years and am truly ignorant to MUCH!
Can anyone please help me?

Thank you SO much for your time and consideration.

If you obtained the EXE installer of Audacity there is a built-in HTML Manual. Access it at Help > Manual top right of Audacity.

Once the built-in or online Manual is open in your web browser, use the Print function in your browser (usually under the File menu) to print each page that is required.

47.1A will be the CD version number, nothing to do with the Audacity version number.

Check in Help > About Audacity… . If it doesn’t say Audacity 2.1.1, get it from Again, only the installer (EXE) will include a built-in Manual on your computer.


If I hit the Print button, can I save it to my computer for future use?

That depends what printer you have. If you have a physical printer, it prints out to a piece of paper.

If you have already installed a PDF reader or editor on your computer, that may have installed a PDF printer. Choose the PDF printer when you use the Print button to save the HTML page you are viewing as a PDF document.

If you want to save the page you are viewing as am HTML file, use File > Save or similar in your browser. If you got the EXE installer of Audacity there would be no point doing that, because you already have the complete set of HTML pages downloaded inside the “help” folder where you installed Audacity.


Thanks SO much! I now have it saved in Text AND Pdf Styles…You are awesome! Thank you!

How do I close this out?

I have marked it [SOLVED] and locked the topic. Thanks.