Is VS2012 supported at all ?

I would like to build Audacity in 2012. However, the win/compile.txt says
“Audacity releases for Windows are currently built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 C++” which seems to imply the supported version is 2013. OTOH, I see threads where some have had success in 2012 (but I couldn’t load the sln file in 2012). Can anyone point to relevant documentation on getting 2012 build ?

I also looked into - but I don’t see a 2012 solution file audacity-vs2012.sln. I do believe I have the latest code via “svn checkout audacity-read-only”. Appreciate any pointers.

The full (paid) version of VS 2013 is not required. The free “Express” version should work fine.

The switch to VS 2013 (from VS 2008) is very recent, so there are still holes in the documentation.
I don’t use Windows so I’ve no idea whether the current Audacity code will build on older versions of VS.

Thanks Steve. I just installed 2013-express edition and the compilation was a breeze (as per compile.txt) ! So excited I have it built now!