Is this enough computer

I had to get a new computer, operating system is windows 10I downloaded Audacity 2.4.2.

When trying to record the bar stops and starts and oc course the play back is on and off as well

The computer has this:
Intel I 3 processor 10110u cpu @ 2.10 ghz 2.59 ghz

RAM 8.0 gb 7.84 usable

64 bit operating
Recording us very simple, I usually just record ukulele pieces for my MIL and put them on a CD.

Hope the computer is good enough because I can get upgrade now.
Thank you.

Any modern computer is powerful enough for basic mono or stereo recording.

But it can get complicated… The problem is usually multitasking. (The operating system is always multitasking even when you’re running only one application.) Some other application, driver, or background process just has to hog the system for a few milliseconds too long and you get buffer overflow and a dropout/glitch.

A faster computer can help because it can finish the other tasks faster but there are so many variables that you can’t be sure a faster computer will work better.

[u]Here[/u] are some suggestions you can try.

Or if you really want to dig-in and optimize your computer for audio there is a free online book called [u]Glitch Free[/u].

There is also a tool called [u]LatencyMon[/u] that can help to diagnose what’s sucking-up all of your CPU cycles. Luckily I’ve never has to use it, but it’s discussed in the Glitch Free book.

Thank you, I am not a tech person by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I can try some of these. Hopefully I will be back with questions of how to fully utilize all that audacity has to offer…

Your computer is more powerful than mine, but I never had problems with Audacity.

Make sure you closed all applications you don’t need when using Audacity.

When talking about optimization, there are just a few things to check on Windows:

  1. System services.
  2. AutoRun entries.
  3. Scheduled tasks.