Is this at all possible?

I want to remove the main violin sound (or at least muffle it quite a bit) from this song: (look at the selection on the right, click cape classico, download it and open it with Audacity).

When I clicked the second vocal-removing option, it seemed to work in the opposite way; as in the background became muffled and the main violin was brought to the forefront. If this is possible, is there any way to invert that action and make it go the other way round, so I can hear the background loudly and the violin none/very softly?


There may be a way to help.

Select the track by clicking inside the left hand label panel and using the dropdown menus, Split Stereo Track.
Select the bottom of the two tracks and Effect > Invert.

Select the top track and using the dropdowns, Make Stereo Track.

Now try the Vocal Removal tools again.