Is this a bug? R records on the wrong track. Shift R creates a new stereo track, even if I need mono. [SOLVED]

Having upgraded from version 2.2.2 to version 2.3 on Windows 8.1, I see that the manual says this:

“Clicking Record or using the R shortcut always begins recording at the end of the currently selected track(s).”
In fact, the recording always occurs at the end of Track 1, even if it’s muted and not selected. This seems to be a bug.

Also, the manual says:
Record New Track: Hold down Shift while clicking Record, or use its shortcut Shift + R, to start recording in a new track at either the current cursor position or at the beginning of the current selection.
This is true, but it creates a new stereo track by default, which is not suitable for recording a voice with a single mic. How can I change the new track default configuration to mono?

The number of channels recorded is determined by the “number of channels” setting in the device toolbar.

The rules for which tracks get appended are a bit more complex if you have a mix of mono and stereo tracks.
In the usual case of all tracks having the same number of channels as the number of recording channels, then by default “R” will append “the first selected track”, which assumes that at least one track of the right kind is selected.

If no audio tracks with the right number of channels are selected, then Audacity will try to find sensible tracks to record into. For example, if you are recording 2 channels stereo and you have a project where the first track is mono and the second track is stereo, and there are no selected tracks, then “R” will record into the second track (because it is the first track that can support 2 channel recording).
If the first two tracks are mono and the third is stereo, and no tracks are selected and you are recording 2 channels, then “R” will append tracks 1 and 2, because this is the first combination that can support 2 channel recording.

I’ve added a note in the alpha manual for this to be made clear.

Thanks Steve.

I’ve confirmed that the recording behavior does change according to the “number of channels” setting in the device toolbar. Setting it to mono has solved the problem for me.

Thanks for the update. I’ll close this topic as “solved”.