Is there the multi-select?

Hello everyone, I have a question: is there a way to multi-select in the track?

Example, if we want to multi select some file in a folder to delete we use CTRL+click with left, but can we apply an effect at some time intervals together?

I hope that I had correctly explained my question, thanks.

I don’t think Audacity will let you select two or more different sections of a show at the same time.

You can label as many different small portions of the show as you want.


Moved to “Adding Features” (if you want to vote for being able to select in multiple places left to right along the Timeline).

But is this what you want? If you import multiple files you can apply an effect in one go at the same selection in all the tracks.


I undeystand what you mean, but if I have a song like this:

with a lot of kicks that I want to de-amplify, how can I do it quickly?


You don’t need multiple selections to do that. Try for example Limiter on the entire selection.


Thanks for the answer, I didn’t know the Limiter: it is easy and helpful: but using it will have some effects on the song quality? Does it lose quality or had some modify?


Only you can judge that. But if you use the Clipping option in Limiter, that is a waveshaper, so is destructive.


Haha, you’re right man! Clipping is what we want avoid so I’ll not use that option, thanks for the explanation.