Is there some way to draw an envelope for the pitch??

I want to fabricate a kick using the generate sinus wave function. However i need to be able to draw an envelope for the pitch because the sound needs to drop from a very high pitch very quickly down to a low pitch while dropping slower as the kick fades out. The sliding pitch effect will only let the pitch drop linear, and besides i think that the effect has some bugs when processing short selections. It’s not working proberly on my computer anyways…

I don’t know any way to even simulate this in Audacity. Maybe one of the other helpers will know. Remember a question has to ripple around the earth once.


Not quite what you are asking for, but here’s a little “Generate” plug-in that I wrote that will produce something similar.
To use it, simply unzip it into your Audacity plug-ins folder, then restart Audacity (tested with Audacity 1.3 only). The new plug-in (“SweepDown”) will then be listed in the “Generate” menu. (469 Bytes)