Is there any way to wrap python code in nyquist?

That would be magic for me!

No. There isn’t a way to wrap Python code in Nyquist.

How about the other way around ? I have ~100.000 voice audios that need to be de-clicked. The only program I could find that really handles the de-clicking of my voice audios is the de-clicker nyquist plugin from Audacity.

I think, this was written by you, Steve, right ?

I am a hard-core embedded SW developer and could cut out the Nyquist interpreter from Audacity code in a quick and dirty way. But I cannot imagine, that there is no standalone scriptable way of using the Nyquist Plugin code without the GUI and do a bunch of file - only operations.

How would you do that ?

No, not that one. It was written by Paul Licameli.

You’re right. There is a stand-alone version of Nyquist: Nyquist Info
but note that Audacity’s implementation of Nyquist is a subset of the stand-alone version, with a few Audacity specific features added. An Audacity Nyquist plug-in will not run directly in stand alone Nyquist. In particular, *track* and the plug-in headers are specific to Audacity.

Nyquist has a command-line interface, so you could call it from Python in the same way as any other command-line application (for example, as a subprocess).