Is there any way to reduce this distortion?

I’ve been reading about clipping and distortion and I understand that this is not something that can be easily fixed. At the moment I have a recording and I would like to know if there is anything to make it a little more pleasant.

The attached sample is recorded with iPhone that by default actually does a quite good job detecting audio levels and avoiding distortion but unfortunately this isn’t recorded with the default camera app. I wanted to see if FiLMiC Pro would be better because it can record uncompressed audio compared to standard 64kbps AAC but as it turned out it was huge mistake.

The whole recoring is not so heavily distorted but I chose this sample to bring out the worst. I’ve been playing around with Clip Fix and Equalization filers but these don’t seem to help at all.

We can’t fix 100% clipping.

It’s less unpleasant if you attenuate the high frequencies (5KHz and higher) using the equalizer …