Is there any way to fix this audio leaking problem?

So first off i’ve been experiencing this problem for a long while now, never could find out any sort of solution to it, basically i have a Laptop with a Combination jack so if i want to use my microphone as well as listen to my laptop then i need to use an audio splitter (similar to the picture attached) the problem with this is that whatever i listen to on my headphones is somehow picked up on the microphone, i’ve attached an audio example of what it sounds like, it should be silent throughout the file until i speak but instead you can quite clearly hear everything i’m listening to.

If you are able to help in any way it’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I think you may need to get a better sound card. There are many USB sound cards that can provide cost effective solutions. The best choice of sound card depends on your budget, and what you want to do with it.

Before shelling-out on a new sound card, try the no-cable type of “Y” adapter shown below …
TRRS adapter300px.jpg
It avoids the headphone-signal and mic-wire sharing the same cable, as occurs with your current “Y” adapter …
Y-cable adapter#.jpg

Unfortunately i have both types of Y splitters yet both yield the same result, i doubt it’s a sound card issue seeing as every USB sound card i try has the same issue if both the microphone & headphones & plugged into it.

What version of Windows are you using at the moment?

Are you choosing the mic as the recording device in Audacity?

Which USB sound cards have you tried, and what are the make and model numbers of the mic and headphones?

With a USB sound card the mic and audio out would be separate hardware ports rather than being one port, which should reduce the potential for “leakage”.


the problem with this is that whatever i listen to on my headphones is somehow picked up on the microphone,

If someone sitting next to you can hear the headphones, the microphone can “hear” them too. And, the microphone may be closer to the headphones than the person sitting next to you.

This most certainly isn’t the case, i can have the headphones at the same volume but record the microphone using a USB soundcard, the headphones are not heard whatsoever but using a USB sound card prevents other problems that don’t occur with just using the combo jack.

That sentence does not make sense. Do you mean using a USB sound card creates other problems that don’t occur with the combo jack? If so, what are those problems? Perhaps they are easier to solve than using a low quality combo jack.

And as I asked, what USB sound card, what version of Windows, what mic make and model number, what headphones make and model number?


Yes it creates the out of sync problem i have posted about before, the USB sound card doesn’t actually have a brand on it, windows version is 8.1, microphone is the Sony ECM-CS3 & headphones are the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros.

So have you now rolled back to Windows 8.1 or are you dual booting Windows 8.1 and 10?

Did you try the suggestions at and the post following of using a USB mixer or the Xbox Windows 10 app ?

As I asked, are you sure you are choosing the mic input in Audacity? Doing so is not always obvious with a combo in and out port.

Have you tried disabling the internal mic? Sometimes there is a setting that combines the external and internal mic into one input. The internal mic may hear your headphones.