Is there any way to analyze an audio file and disc

Hey guys!
I have audio files of the program called “Holosync” which is basically guided meditation and it has silent “affirmations” in it. Not subliminal ones, but next to impossible to hear for human ear. The affirmations are based on a program/system called “Autofonix” if it is relevant in any way.
So, I’d really appreciate if you could help me on this one since it’s really important for me to know what are the affirmations used in it (if there are any).
Thanks in advance!

If the “affirmations” are completely masked (drowned out) by other sounds, there’s nothing you can do.

If the file is simply very-quiet, you can use the Amplify effect to bring-up the volume. Or, you can select and boost only the quiet parts. You can boost the volume by about 50dB and if that’s not enough you can run Amplify twice, and that should be more than enough.

It’s also generally easier to hear “little details” with headphones than with speakers.

To some extent you may be able to bring-up masked sounds by using the Compressor or Hard Limiter effect. These processes tend to bring everything up to the same volume, so they can be used to boost the quiet stuff without boosting the louder parts. (Actually, they reduce the loudest parts, then you use “make-up gain” to bring-up the overall volume. The compressor has a make-up volume check-box, but I think you have to Amplify after using the limiter.)

But, compression & limiting won’t do miracles.

A couple of notes - 16-bit WAV files go down to about -93 or -96dB (I never remember exactly). Down around that level you only get a few bits of resolution, so the sound is quite noisy & distorted. (Of course you can’t hear that noise & distortion, or anything else that “quiet”, unless you greatly amplify.) Below -93 or -96 dB there is NOTHING… Dead-digital silence… Any signals quieter than that are totally lost. (16-bit and 24-bit WAVs are integer formats… There are no fractions or decimals so there are no values smaller than 1… Any values smaller than 1-bit are “zero” and that’s pure-silence.)

Sounds that are 50dB down or so can be amplified with reasonably good quality (assuming they are not masked, of course).

MP3 file compression works by throwing-away sounds that are masked by louder sounds. So, any masked subliminal information would be deliberately thrown-away.

I don’t know anything about Holosync or Autofonix. There are some subliminal methods that use frequency shifting or other methods besides just making it quieter.

Thanks for answering so thoroughly! I’ll try everything you mentioned!

Yes, that is totally relevant.
In order to “decode” the “message” (to make it audible), the method of encoding must be known. It’s like, if you have a computer file, the computer needs to know what sort of file it is (the type of data and how it is encoded) in order to be able to read it. For example, if you managed to open a Word document in an image viewer, the result would be garbage (wrong format).

Unfortunately, the “Centerpointe Research Institute” only say about “Autofonix” that it is “a new technology developed here at Centerpointe Research Institute”.

Their sister site (Mind Aerobics) quote Dr. Clyde Thompson of Harvard University’s School of Public Health and Government Medical Research Center in his endorsement of Autofonix, but sadly it appears that Dr. Clyde Thompson is a fictitious character.

If you are able to post some audio samples in high quality WAV format, then we may be able to determine what method has been used for the encoding, and if we can do that then we can probably find a way to decode it. See here for how to post audio samples:

What format are your Audiofonics files? (WAV / MP3 / other)
Are they bought originals or copies?
Compressed formats such as MP3 are unsuitable for any kind of “subliminal messaging” technique.

Thanks for the response! The files are in FLAC format, and I shamefully just torrented it. I can upload one of the files in a directly playable format, if that’s not against forum rules.

The forum only allows small files to be attached (max 2MB).
Given the dubious provenance of the files I don’t think that we can allow a direct link to be posted. Please check your Private Messages (see link to “new messages” near the top left of the forum page).

For the purpose of illustration, here is a short section (about 5 seconds) that is alleged to be from an Audiofonix recording from “Holosync”.

As can be seen from the spectrogram, there is a constant 15500 Hz whistle in the recording:
Having tried several test, that whistle does not appear to contain any meaningful information - it’s just a constant tone.

Similarly at the low end of the spectrum is a constant 120 Hz hum:
window-Frequency Analysis-000.png
Again there does not appear to be anything meaningful in that hum - just a constant 120 Hz sine wave, most likely “mains hum” (

I’ve also tried manipulating the sound in other ways, but as far as I can tell there is no “message” in the recording.

Thank you for helping. Really appreciated!