Is there any hotkey combination to reset Audacity 2.0 defalt

I am new to Audacity, and so far really have enjoyed it. I have searched for a way to reset Audacity 2.0 to defaults. Initially in playing with the software, I set several effects values to see what effect. It seems than many effects have no reset to default options. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled 2.0, attempted latency correction, and still have a problem that sounds like delay is turned on.
So Details: Win 7 Pro, Gig HD, 12 G DDR3, second gen i5 Intel processor, top line asus board, Realteck HD onboard sound, inputting guitar, direct into front mic jack.
Have reset any and all Realteck sound manager settings to default. Output is Logitech Z Cinema speakers. Headphones attached to Z spkrs.
When recording guitar, there is a substantial delay. This is a problem as, when I listen to the first track, and go to record a second, the delay makes it impossible to play 2nd track with first.
This SW reminds me of Adobe Photoshop in that once you set any tool/effect, it remains set and will not reset to default, “unless, you press and hold Ctrl, Shift, Alt at the same time and Then start PS. This globally resets PS, and it will ask you if you want to delete all your saved settings” Yes of course, and then you are back to global defaults.
Any ideas really welcome.

Thanks for any ideas.

That was a Feature Request strongly advocated by the forum elves. Getting Audacity to “Start Over” can be an adventure. I don’t know if there is such a thing in Audacity 2.0, but I know that was on the slate of improvements.

As you may know by now, “Reinstalling Audacity” doesn’t do squat. Audacity preferences, conditions and settings are held in a separate file and tend to survive conventional efforts to reset it.


That is normal when using software playthrough instead of hardware montoring. See: .


See this Frequently Asked Question: .


Thank you all for the info about resetting audacity. I really appreciate your responses. This would lead me to ask if anyone knows where the file that stores the audacity default sets resides. My next step to resolve (or at least attempt) to work around this would to be install audacity on a different machine, and then take a look at the effects file in its unchanged state. This might give me some idea as to what to restore values to in a changed version.
Some of my work involves VPN remote access support, in which my users connect through a VPN Client. I know that in some cases the .pcf files that the Client uses can become corrupt, and by going into the file with notepad and correcting a couple of = x (x being the correct value for the line statement) I can repair the issue. This is a simplistic ex. but maybe it would work with Audacity?
Does anyone know where the Effects defaults reside, and perhaps what the file ext is?

Thank you for any and all help.
Really nice to get responses!

See the last reply by Gale Andrews.