Is there a way to verify how close a silent subliminal is to the original?

Is there a way to verify how close a silent subliminal is to the original?

I’m sure every utterance is recorded as a combination of compression and rarefaction, so if an utterance is transformed into silent subliminal, is it possible to verify how closely it corresponds to the original utterance based on combination of compression and rarefaction of the utterance?

Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes there’s nothing there. But it doesn’t matter if you can’t hear it! :wink:

There is more than one way to make a subliminal and you could turn-down the volume to the point where it’s so quiet you can’t hear it, or back-up by a mile or so, and then you could say it’s the same.

Or if you use the masking method, where you make the subliminal quiet and mix it with noise or music to drown it out, you could say it’s the same. And with the masking method you can later subtract-out the louder sound and then amplify the subliminal to reveal the secret message. Some (most?) methods aren’t reversable so it’s hard to prove there is anything hidden…

Subliminals are not a transmission medium. There is no reverse engineering and there are no reliable tests. Most of the work is happening inside the listener’s head. This is one of the things that drives engineers and developers crazy.

Isn’t it mathematically possible to see how close a silent subliminal’s combination of compression and rarefaction is to the original one?

The idealized world of silent subliminals crashes into real engineering. Anybody recording audiobooks is familiar with the nightmare of maintaining the ACX Company’s background Noise Floor of -60dB—or better. That’s the ffffffffff sound behind your voice when you stop talking (and turn the playback volume up a little).

That’s where you put the subliminal message. So “Stop Smoking” is constantly competing with leaking air from a tire or crashing noise from a badly designed microphone preamplifier. It’s not fun down there in the low volume world.

As above in the forum messages, MP3 gets its tiny, convenient sound files by carefully re-arranging musical tones and removing the quiet ones. That’s one reason it is strongly recommended that you do not do audio production in MP3. Once you make an MP3, the damage is baked in forever.

Let’s see. Anything else? Having two or more independent sound tracks in the same show is one of the sure ways to kill your sound production. It’s number 4 in the Four Horsemen. There’s no good way to split them up, say, for testing.

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 10.05.04 AM

You’re running an uphill battle with modern electronics and productions need to “clean up” your main show. One of the cleaning methods is to crow-bar the background sound to dead zero between words or other production elements. That’s where you put the subliminal messages.

“STOP SMOK_______________”
So even if you did everything else right, the messaging wouldn’t make it past that—and that’s baked into the player.

I don’t think we ever saw your reason for doing this? Is a good friend having trouble with smoking cessation? Do you think someone is trying to force you to stop smoking?


Is it necessary for me to disclose my purpose for this query?

Since Silent Subliminal is borderline magic, knowing the goal could make it a little less magic, or we may be able to find a different way to manage the same job.

In addition, I suspect the fastest, most efficient way to get your forum account deleted is to want to do something questionable, harmful, or illegal.


I want to know the effective way to hypnotize myself and play affirmations to improve myself.

As I posted in another thread, I asked about the official Silent Subliminal process we published. I can’t find it.

This process is not a substitute for therapy. You need to know what to put in the messages.

The one thing that most people get right is the desirability of short messages. That’s my silly joke of “Stop Smoking,” but that’s not far off.

That’s a cousin to “Buy Cheerios” under the music in the grocery store.

Make People Like Me.” isn’t helpful, but that’s a beginner’s message. A therapist might suggest: “Listen to other People.” That’s a first step for help, not a recipe for success by next Thursday.


I’ve posted the silent subliminal code I’m using in that other thread.

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