Is there a way to turn off the notification sound when RMS is calculated?

Whenever the function that calculates RMS completes, it plays a notification tone. Is there a way to stop that? In preparing files for ACX I have to use the RMS function repeatedly, and it’s annoying. And I don’t see the necessity for it in any case. Any ideas? Thanks!

If you are referring to “Analyze menu > Measure RMS”, then it is not the “Measure RMS” function creating a notification sound. (I wrote that code and I can assure you that I did not put a notification sound in it).

Audacity does have an option to play a sound on completing slow processes, but that is off by default, (and the RMS measuring tool should be too quick to trigger it anyway). The setting is in:
“Preferences > Interface > Beep on completion of longer activities”

I can’t think of anything else in Audacity that can cause a notification sound, but there might be some setting in your computer’s operating system that is creating a notification sound.

Hi Steve–

First, thanks for writing the code!

I did notice the “Beep on completion of longer activities” setting, and it was off. I haven’t found anything in Windows settings that would cause this, but I’ll look again. If anyone has any other ideas, I’d appreciate it.