Is there a way to save the Play-At-Speed?

Hi! so… I loved the play-at-speed function, but since I’m 100% new (well… not 100%… I started an hour ago or so… xD ) I don’t know if there’s a possibility of saving it? I tried the change speed option, but it doesnt seem quite right…

In what way not quite right?

What are you trying to accomplish?

There are at least 4 speed-related things you can do -

The Playback Speed slider only changes the speed within Audacity. Like the playback volume control, it does not change/edit your audio file.

The following effects are editing effects applied “permanently” so when you export (save) the files are changed. i.e. if you apply the Change Speed effect to speed-up playback and then export to an MP3, the file will play faster on your iPod, etc.

The Change Speed effect changes speed and pitch together, exactly like speeding-up a or slowing-down a vinyl record or analog tape. This is generally foolproof, and there are no side effects (other than the associated pitch change).

The Change Tempo effect uses FFT processing to change the tempo (speed) without changing pitch. With FFT, you can sometimes get artifacts (side effects).

Change Pitch effect uses FFT to change the pitch without changing speed (tempo).

I want to save audio exactly alike to the Play-At-Speed… and as I said I tried to do the Change Speed thing, but it didnt sound like the play-at-speed by a long shot…

What settings are you using?