Is there a way to remove clap sound

Is there a way to remove this clap sound ?
I tried the noise removal but it almost does not removes this sound and muffles everything else

So is there a way to remove this thing ?

Please see the .ogg attached audio
Thank you for your help

We need the clap along with other parts of the show. Just a blast of trash isn’t useful. Drag-select about ten seconds with the clap in the middle.


Thank you for the reply, well here is it :slight_smile:

I thought I was going to be able to do fancy-pants things with Noise Reduction, but it’s just not enough. So I did it by hand with Control-L (attached).

I don’t suppose you can use that? If you’re clever with cutting and pasting, you can fill the holes with actual music and nobody will ever be able to tell what we did.


Thank you very much for your effort, yes that is what I think as well I think I should do it manually :slight_smile: again thank you for helping me.

Cut and paste.
This one was done quite quickly - to get it spot on you will need to spend a bit of time getting things lined up correctly, but this should give the general idea:

you will need to spend a bit of time getting things lined up correctly

I just dragged the clap and Control-L reduced it to flat line. Doesn’t change the show length a bit. Putting different sound in that hole is a lot more involved.

I’m guessing that you’ve not listened to the clip that I posted.

I did. It’s lovely. But that doesn’t tell me how you got there. I’d be struggling with a main track, fill track and tricky envelopes.


Exactly as you described - lots of clever cut and pasting (with little crossfades across the edits).
Do we have a tutorial about that?

Some stuff in the manual about crossfading: