Is there a way to get the old noise remover in 2.1.2?

I installed an old build of Audacity (2.1.6) and want the old noise removal plugin in 2.1.2 since the 2.1.6 is very hard to use compared to the latest version. Is this plugin available as a standalone plugin? I checked the Plugins folder and it wasn’t in there!

See here for how to manage plug-ins in Audacity 2.1.2:

Ah, yes. I know how to do that. I was asking if the old noise removal plugin by Dominic Mazzoni is available for 2.1.2? It seems the plugin isn’t located in the folder , where it should be. This one, to be specific:

There has never been a “2.1.6” version of Audacity. I’m guessing that you meant “1.2.6”.

The new version does not need to be more difficult. You can just set the bottom two sliders to “6” and “3” respectively (as shown in the manual) and then ignore them forever. The first slider “Noise reduction (dB)” is in effect a “Less ↔ More” control like in the old effect.