Is there a way to fix MorphVox Pro colateral robotic voice?

When a voice is changed using MorphVox Pro it sometimes becomes robotic. (by the way, kind of off-topic, any of you have a better option, I would like to change the timbre of my voice too, not only pitch. I believe the word is timbre. What I mean is, I can’t use MorphVox Pro to sound more like an specific voice, for example, a celebrity’s voice, I can only control the pitch of it, which leads to a pretty finite amount of changes that can be made).

Is there a way to use Audacity to reduce that metalicness?

I’m far from a sound engineer (or an artist under any form. i’m, in fact, a computer programmer), but I have my share of fun playing with Audacity and MorphVox.

Any tips. Thanks in advance. This is my first post, by the way, looking forward to interact more with the community of this software I have so much fun with.

Apparently MorphVox Pro has “Voice doctor” learning-mode which makes it less robotic …

[ I’ve never used it myself though ]

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